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Shackle kits and shackle lift kits are components used in vehicle suspension systems, most often in off-road vehicles. These are used to alter ride height and increase performance.

A shackle kit has two shackles, one for each leaf spring in a vehicle's suspension system. Shackles are U-shaped brackets that connect the leaf springs to the frame of the car.

These kits are used to replace the factory shackles with longer ones, thus boosting vehicle ride height. Shackle kits are often used to level the vehicle or offer a little lift for enhanced clearance or appearance.

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Shackle Lift Kit

A shackle lift kit is a more extensive suspension modification than a shackle kit. A shackle lift kit aims to increase ride height more than a regular shackle kit. Off-road enthusiasts and those who want to upgrade their cars for higher ground clearance, larger tire size, and enhanced off-road performance are fans of shackle lift kits and suspension lift kits. Depending on the kit, a shackle lift can be used to elevate the front and rear of the vehicle, leveling it or obtaining a predetermined lift height.